Things I learned in Argentina

Argentina has to be one of the quirkiest (from the view of a North American) countries I’ve visited. During the last few days of our trip, my dad and I worked together to compile this list of things we learned in the birthplace of Tango.

1. Nothing really moves before 10 AM and most not until at least noon.

This was probably my favourite part of the trip. Between the jet lag and my general inability to sleep, I wasn’t up until 10am anyway.

2. They have not really got the message that smoking is bad for you.

Although not as bad as some European countries (here’s looking at you France), smoking could be considered the third favourite national pastime (after soccer and tango!).

3. The Double “L” does not make a “y” sound luke other Spanish speaking places. It is a lazy “j” sound. Chicken is pronounced pojo not poyo.

After hearing Spanish in Barcelona, I was pretty sure that nothing could be more unintelligible. *open mouth, insert foot*

4. Dinner is late. Most don’t eat until about 9 PM.

I think this is normal for everywhere but the US/Canada. Considering the fact that nothing is open before 10am its not that late!

5. Platform Sandals for ladies are a thing

Hey Argentina, ABBA called and they’d like their shoes back.

6. Crocs still exist. No joking. Really.

Apparently Argentina is stuck in some weird 1970s/2000s shoe continuum. And no one is thrilled about it.

7. Being over 6 feet tall is awesome in crowds – you can see for miles.

Never have I ever had a better view of the top tourist attractions.

8. Being over 6 feet tall sucks in a place built for 5′ 6″.

The amount of times I walked into awnings,etc. is actually astounding.

9. Seems like every 20 years there is a coup and/or a new currency.

It seems that the country is now on more stable footing, but you never know what Cristina and her minions can do in the next couple of months!

10. Buenos Aires has lots of really cool museums. You just cant get past their front door. 

Among the better excuses:

“Its under construction – it will be open in March” – The National Police Museum (featured in the Guidebook AND on the 7th floor of an office building…ok friends)

And my all time personal favourite – the Mitre museum. We went in, thinking it was free. Until we were chased out by the security guard yelling at us in rapid fire Spanish… (side note: we saw the whole museum for free before this happened)

11. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Spanish-speaking people is hard to get used to. So are Brilliant red-heads.

Chalk this one up to post-WWII immigration and genetic mutation.

12. There are more parks and green space in Buenos Aires than you would think.

Its honestly so refreshing to walk around a big city and be surrounded by trees and see a park every few blocks!

13. Getting around on foot, by bike and by bus is easy and convenient.

Pedestrian streets and bike lanes are everywhere in the city centre! Not to mention the astounding amount of buses!

14. Protect the environment…say what?

What is recycling? Side note: What are public garbage cans?

15. Lanes are just a suggestion. As are red lights.

They’re there, but that doesn’t mean anything. Green means go, red means go faster.

16. The smell of barbeque is EVERYWHERE.

And no one complains about it… because why would you.

17. The quality of restaurants and food is very good.

4 for you Argentina. You go Argentina.

18. Pan handling is taken to a new level with breastfeeding moms and infants in on the game.

Its heartbreaking to see happen, but its something that happens in every big city.

19. You can order ice cream on line and have it delivered by a guy on a scooter.

Because who doesn’t want ice cream delivered to your door. I’m not even being sarcastic. This is the second greatest invention in human history after the wheel.

20. Pizza delivery guys use roller blades.

Because the roads already weren’t dangerous enough, lets throw in boys on roller-skates trying to reach their destination before 30 minutes is up.

21. More or less is a thing. Believe it.

“We’ll meet at 4:30, more or less” *actually end up meeting at 7pm*

22. Cash is King.

You can do ANYTHING with a few pesos.

23. Just because it is a bank and it says that your card will work does not mean it will work.

A new song by me. Featuring the morning we went to 7 different banks and got no money.

24. It takes longer than you think, period.

EVERYTHING takes a good 30 mins longer than you think. Just going to the store around the corner? No problem, LETS JUST PUT 10000s OF TOURISTS IN YOUR WAY.

25. Many public services are private enterprise. (mail, transit, etc.)

I’ve never seen so many different CITY buses run by different companies.

26. They love mayonnaise. Serve it like ketchup.

And not a single time did I complain.

27. For a land full of farming and agriculture, green vegetables are a rarity.

Oh you want veggies with your steak? SURPRISE YOU GET POTATOES.

28. The artisan market in Recoleta needs to have a sign out that says, id you are over 5 foot 6, please wear protective headgear.


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