People have always told me to go to hell… So I decided to make it happen.

Well. Sort of. Hel…sinki that is.

In a random twist of events that no one expected… for some reason that has been yet to be explained to myself or my travel agent , the cheapest flights to Bangkok were through Helsinki. Which is the opposite way that I’m supposed to be going. But hey, I’ll gladly keep that extra $500 in my pocket.

Which brings me to the reasoning behind this post. I’m headed to Asia this summer, with of my great friends Katelyn. The best adventures are those that start spontaneously, and this will be one of them! It all started because Katelyn is taking a course in Hong Kong and wanted human companionship for some SE Asian exploration (please note the jury is still out on the me being human part) and has morphed into a 10 week all out epic journey.

As it stands now, we’ll be meeting in Bangkok and staying there before we head to the beaches of Thailand. We’ll be using Rai Le beach as a home base to explore the region around Krabi. And that’s where the plans become as solid as Jello (which is a welcome change from travelling with my parents!). As it stands now, we’ll be headed back to Bangkok then to Myanmar, through Laos, to Vietnam, Cambodia and back to Bangkok. Now, I’ve got a few extra days in Bangkok so I may try to squeeze in a side trip to Singapore too. PHEW!

The Myanmar leg is the leg that both Katelyn and I are most looking forward to. As it has only recently opened up to tourists and promises to provide us with unrivaled natural beauty.

So, in the words of Ryan Seacrest, keep it here for more.

No seriously, my goal is to try and post at least once a day while we’re gone. SO, if I haven’t annoyed you yet AND barring any serious medical injuries (aka I’m an idiot and forget to post), stay tuned for what promises to be the trip of a life time.