Did you know, not planning a vacation can be just as stressful as planning one?

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m INCREDIBLY Type A. I need to know where I need to be, what time I need to be there and 7 different ways to get there. But, If you know me well enough, this shouldn’t be news to you. So, having a trip partner that wants to fly by the seat of our pants and plan once we get there is giving me ulcers.

BUT (and this is a Kim K sized one)… its also incredibly exciting for me. Every trip I have ever taken has been planned from A-Ö (who knew there were letters that came after z!) and while I love my parents for this, it takes the spontaneity out of the trip. Yes, we have incredible adventures.  And yes, I love each and every minute of them (not just because I don’t have to pay…) but we never get to say “hey, you know what? I’m not liking where we are, lets go!”  or “Hey, theres a cool local xyz going on lets check it out” which can be a drag. This trip (apart from a week at the beginning) is a complete blank slate (or space if you will) and its exciting and horrifying at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong… my neurotic tendencies have arisen. Case in point: my trip binder (Katelyn if you’re reading this you don’t need paper copies of anything, I got you).  This binder is my pride and joy and I’d cry if I lost it… but that may be due to the fact that it has photocopies of my entire life in it. If you want to see the most organized thing in my life right now, I’ll gladly show you this masterpiece of travel planning. It has all our confirmations (hotels, flights, etc.) organized by country and in the order we’ll need them. BUT THATS ALL I’M GOING TO DO. While I’m with Katelyn it’s going to be fly by the seat of our pants, go where the wind (or tuk tuk driver) takes us – which is an opportunity I’ll be forever grateful for.

So, thanks Katelyn, for giving me the opportunity to shed myself of my neurotic ways (if only for a but. And also giving me a heart attack, anxiety and ulcers at the same time. But mainly the first part (I think…).

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