A Salty Surprise in Bangkok

No, I’m not gonna apologize for the title.

After an uneventful flight over (minus a mild case of food poisoning from Toronto to Helsinki), I made it to Bangkok safe and sound. The first 24 hrs in Bangkok flew by (but that may because I didn’t leave the hotel room… jet lag + work is  a fun combo).

First Selfie of The Trip

So, when Katelyn and Sabah arrived I was anxious to hit the town. After some quick hellos and after the girls got settled we headed out to Khao San Road for dinner and some after dinner shenanigans.

Ahh Thailand, I love you.

Dollar beers here are definitely a way better value than Jacks, if I do say so myself. I mean, 2 full sized beers for a dollar is a great deal. Dinner was great and it was wonderful to see Katelyn again after 2 months! We finished up dinner, and with a bit of a buzz went out shopping (No Mom, I didnt buy anything. You’re welcome.). Now, here’s where the fun starts.

Now, here’s where the salty surprise happens. No… its probably not what you’re thinking (Ya, nasty). About 15m down the road Katelyn’s eagle eyes spot a man coming down the street with a white bucket. I really didn’t know what was so special about him until he passed us. In the bucket were about 20 fried, dead scorpions. We paid our cursory 100B and mowed down.

Of course, it would have bIMG_2218een a little crazy for me to pass up this opportunity and because I was low on protein for the day decided “WTF lets do it”). Katelyn had already done this before and I thought she was going to eat the whole thing. LIES ALL LIES. I had downed the whole thing in one gulp and looked over at Katelyn who was gingerly eating hers (and eventually threw 1/2 of it out… Thanks kate.)

After some excitement (and because #MonsoonSeason) we headed back to the hotel, weird thai chip flavours in hand. G’night from Muggy Bangkok, and until next time!

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