Getting Felt Up By Tuk Tuk Drivers Isn’t Like It Used To Be

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. Actually you know what… I’m not even sorry. I had a nap which in my opinion was more fun.
Anyway, what a jam packed frickin day. We were up at the crack of dawn to go cook with poo (ok maybe it was 6:30 am. But that’s the same to me).  No we did not cook with actual poo (the lovely woman that runs the school goes by the name of poo).
After bailing on the idea of getting a cab at the hotel, we decided to start walking to the BTS station. We got about halfway to the station and decided we needed a tuk tuk ASAP. We found one to take us to Ratchathewi station for 100B which was fine by us.
Tuk Tuks are like no other driving experience I’ve had. There’s something about the combination of feeling like you’re going to fall out if you swerve too quickly and being so squished your knees are in your ears, that makes the whole experience exhilarating.
As we were paying the driver at the BTS station, he turned around and looked at me and started petting my legs and laughing. I’m still at a loss, but hey I guess I have nice legs. Either that or he was confused by my near absence of leg hair. Probably the latter.
We booked it to the BTS train and luckily there was a train pulling into the station as we got there and we made it to our meeting point with the Poo van in time. We were incredibly lucky as there were only 6 people in our tour that day (Normally there are 12).
Before we reached the cooking school, we had a tour of the Klong Toey market. What an out of this world experience. I’ve been to my fair share of markets but this was by far the best market. Our guides, Noi and Tai were such wonderful people and were very knowledgeable about everything they showed us.
I think they chose our route through the market to scare the living daylight out of us first. Within the first 100m of us entering the market we saw live frogs, eels, live catfish (hey mom), all types of insects and much more. Throughout the rest of the market we saw incredibly fresh fruits, veggies and all the prerequisite market fare. My favourite part of this experience was getting to learn all about the local Thai produce and saw doe fruits and vegetables that I’d never seen before.
After the market we headed into the heart of the Khlong Toey slum to meet our new friend Poo. Her name is actually Chompoo… which sounds like shampoo (so, 6 of one 1/2 doz of the other). Normally, she isn’t there so we’re very lucky that we got to meet her and have her teach us her ways! After telling us about how she got the school started, and what it does to give back to the community, we started cooking. We learned 3 dishes: Pad See Ew, Nuea Pad Met Ma-Mueng (Beef w/ Cashews) and Green Curry Chicken With Rice. Surprisingly, I didn’t gravely injure myself or anyone around me. Each dish was extraordinary in its own right, but the curry was by far the best. It must have been the sweat and tears I put into grinding it in the mortar and pestle.
After saying our goodbyes to Poo, Noi, and Tai (the latter were our guides), we headed off to the Grand Palace. What an incredible place. Only a few rooms/buildings are open to the public as the Thai Royal Family still lives on the grounds. The tiling and details are absolutely incredible, which makes the entrance fee far worth it. We were able to enter the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. To me, it was kind of like the Mona Lisa… but, a little better. Its a little bit bigger, but only semi-lives up to the hype.
We finished at the temple, and then walked around the grounds which are massive. We decided that we had enough, and headed over to Wat Pho which is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. We took our obligatory selfies, and then decided that we needed a Thai Massage. Luckily, Wat Pho is where the Thai Massage School is. 200B for 30 minutes seemed worth it. Until I got on the table. I never knew such a tiny person could inflict so much pain. I mean, I do feel bad for being at least 1 foot taller than everyone else getting a massage (I think she was cursing me in Thai the entire time). But, man did we feel good after.
We headed back to the hotel and I had a migraine, so went to bed at 4pm while the girls went out shopping and to Sky Bar. The girls told me it was incredible, but the drinks were $40CAD Each!
Thats all for now, back to being crabby in Krabi!

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