Sax on the Beach

Sorry mom and dad. But I’m not coming home. It’s decided. (Ignore the fact that I say this about everywhere ago, I’m serious this time). There’s something about Rai Le that makes me want to stay here forever. I think it may be the fact that you can only get here via long tail boat, which makes it so peaceful and serene.

We got in to the hotel last night around 7:30. We arranged a transfer from the airport through the hotel, which was probably one of our best ideas to date. There was a van ready for us at the Krabi Airport when we landed, we hopped in and then drove about 30 minutes to the pier in Krabi town where we boarded a long tail to take us to the Rai Le peninsula. Even though it was twilight, the boat ride in was incredible. About 15 minutes into the trip, we slowed down and pulled up to a tractor that was waiting in the shallows of the ocean. Katelyn and I proceeded to look at each other with a look of mutual confusion but went along with it. The girls (Katelyn and Sabah) took the front of the trailer while I was in the back making sure that the luggage (and myself) didnt fall out of the back of the trailer while we went up the 60 degree slope to the hotel.

We checked in, and then decided that it was a little late to go exploring the town so decided to stay in our room and relax/blog/upload pictures/facetime, etc. Its important to note that Krabi is in the tropics, meaning that we had lots of little visitors throughout evening, which some of us weren’t to thrilled with. Over the course of the evening I think I killed about 7 moths, 1 cockroach and a couple spiders. There were a few lizards too, but we left them alone.

We headed off to bed, with dreams of Rai Le beach in our heads. We told ourselves that we’d get an early start to the day, but alas, with 2 girls that wasn’t the case. We spent today at Rai Le West beach and even though the weather wasn’t that great it was still breathtaking.

After lunch (with the best English I have seen to date…. “Sax on the Beach with Vodka and Syrub”) Katelyn and I decided to hike the Viewpoint trail. We though we knew where we were going but that was super not the case. We did some awesome exploration of the area but then bailed as it looked like a storm was rolling in. We stocked up on snacks on the way back to the hotel and looked into tours for the day.

This brings us to now. The girls headed off on an Elephant Trek which I decided to skip out on. While I was in Nepal, we did something very similar so I decided to save the cash and buy myself something pretty for being a bug murderer. This afternoon my plans are nothing other than sitting by the pool finishing this post and making some arrangements for the next few legs of our trip.

That’s all for now. I’m off to go find a beer.

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