Nothing Ruins a Sunset Like a Chinese Man Puking In a Shopping Bag

Well friends. If you’re ever taken on a Sunset Cruise and really not enjoying it. Start puking in a bag. It will end that cruise quickly.

Ok. So a little bit of a backstory here. We decided this morning that we would head to Ko Phi Phi for an over night trip. Best decision ever.

We left Railay beach at 9:30 and took a long tail boat out to the ferry (it was too shallow for it to dock at the pier). Once we pulled up beside the ferry they expected us to basically jump from the long tail up onto the ferry… We managed no problem but some warning would have been nice!

The ferry landed in Ko Phi Phi (pronounced pee pee) at about 10:30 am. We said good bye to our little friend (the praying mantis) and headed into Phi Phi. Once on dry land, we found a hotel for the night and booked a day trip to Ko Phi Phi Le and then ate lunch.

The trip we booked went to Monkey Beach, Lo Sama Bay and then Maya Bay. We got a wicked deal and really couldn’t say no. We headed down to the long tail boats at the beach and met the with the rest of our group.

The long tail left the beach and headed to Monkey Beach. Supposedly there are lots are monkeys but we only saw one. But hey, I’m not complaining. Monkeys scare me.

We headed back to the boat and left for Pi-Leh lagoon for some snorkelling. The girls were champs and it was probably the best snorkelling I’ve ever done. There were soanh fish, and I even touched a fish. Can someone please take me back?

After getting back on the boat, we took a Cruise to Maya Bay. What a gem. This is probably the best beach I’ve ever been to. The water was so green and so warm it was amazing.

The boat dropped us off about 25m from a rope ladder and we had to swim over and climb up to get to the beach. Or so we were told.

This is where I’d like to thank my water polo skills. I was bag bitch (again) and even though Katelyn had a dry bag, we didn’t really trust it and I egg-beatered over to the rope ladder with it high above my head. Now, here comes the fun part. I had to climb up with it. Which happened no problem (thanks to my Pt for giving me upper body strength).

After the climb, we walked the path to the beach. What a treat. It was incredible. Because of the scenery we decided a photo shoot was in order. I’m waiting on that call GQ.

After swimming and just chillaxing (ew. Why did I just that word) we headed back to the boat for the sunset cruise back to Ko Phi Phi Don. Now here’s where it all went to shit (or puke as it were).

We noticed our lovely Chinese friend looked a little worse for wear getting back on the boat but didn’t think anything of it until his friend went running to the front to get a shopping bag. All I can say is, thank god we were in front of them.

Now, the sunset wasn’t that great but it would have been wonderful to sit out on the water to watch it. But, we decided to skip that because there’s something about the sound of vomiting that kind of kills the mood.

We made it back to the hotel safe and sound and are headed out for dinner and a few drinks.

So friends, like I said, if you’re on a sunset cruise for a date and want to kill it ASAP Ferg. Start puking. It’ll work wonders.

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