Surprisingly there was no pee pee at the Pee Pee Viewpoint

(Actually thats a lie. I saw an american bro watering the flowers on my way up).

Smile more. Ive been told I have a nasty resting bitch face, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. The last person to remind me of this was a 20-something Aussie guy working in a dive shop on Ko Phi Phi. So, thanks mate. I really appreciate it.

After a fun night out on the town, we had a late start to the day. After breakfast, we hit the market stalls and I decided to hike to the Phi Phi (or PP or Pee Pee) Viewpoint.

I left the girls to shop around Phi Phi Town and navigated the warren of streets to the base of the stairs to the viewpoint. Someone really needs to start cracking down on building codes in the country because my quads would really appreciate it. I mean, I like my stairs to be of even height and like not 70 degrees steep. But like to each their own.

I made it to the top of the 70 degree incline (I know I’m prone to over exaggerate. But not in this case friends) and was surprised to find a little shop selling Gatorade. Bless whoever decided to put that there. I downed three (no lies. My shirt was drenched with sweat and headed to the first viewpoint.

The view was spectacular. Theres no way to describe it. But here I am going to try and do it justice. Theres just something about the way that the stark limestone cliffs drop sharply into the crystal blue water that makes this place truly special. Holy fuck, look at me sounding like someone who can speak coherent English. Someone stop me.

Now, after hiking to the second viewpoint and taking the obligatory selfies, I paused for a moment. Lately, I’ve realized how important it is to put the camera down and experience the moment for myself. Its so easy to get caught up in doing things for the “likes” but we need to remember to do things for ourselves.

*gets off soapbox*

After hiking back to town, I met up with the girls again. Sabah wanted a fish pedicure (fish + feet = bad combo), so Katelyn and I decided to write a few postcards before heading back to Railay.

We got on the ferry to take us back to Railay and I was overcome by a sense of peace. For the first time in a long time I felt calm. Which isn’t easy for a Grade A ball of stress like me.  After we left the pier, I found the combination of the view+reading+music to be enough to lull me to sleep.

I woke up just in time for us to get off the boat at Railay. We disembarked with only minor issues (namely balancing the boat) and were back at the hotel in no time. We swam in the pool for a bit and headed off to dinner with our new friends from the UK.

The place we ate at had the best menu I’ve seen on the trip so far. Menu options included “toodt”, “toofu/”tufu” and we had the option of “choodting” between different meats including “shimp”.

Katelyn and I left our friends at the Last Bar on Railay East to blog, and get some rest before we tackle the Railay Viewpoint Hike and Hong Island tomorrow.

Ok, I need to shower so Katelyn doesn’t have to smell me anymore.

Bonus: 5 Songs to Enjoy a Boat Cruise to (this is my way of apologizing for my soapbox rant)

1. On the Rocks – The Rural Alberta Advantage

2. Whatever Forever – The Mowglis

3. No Shade In The Shadow of the Cross – Sufjan Stevens

4. Lost in the Light – Bahamas


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