Baptism by Fire at Don Mueng Airport

Yesterday was an EARLY day, we left the hotel in Bangkok at 4:30 am and were at DMK by 5:00. Bangkok has 2 international airports – one is for all the “full service” airlines (BKK) and one for low cost airlines (DMK). We scored a wicked deal on Air Asia flights to Rangoon and so flew out of DMK.

We walked into the airport from a calm Bangkok morning and into the 7th circle of hell. There were people everywhere. We saw people screaming and yelling to try and check in at a desk, needless to say we were a little put off. We made it to the check in desk 30 mins after we got into the airport (Security screenings) and went to drop our bags off. I dropped mine off no problem, but some guy tried to push in front of Katelyn and she promptly put him in his place.

We made it though immigration and security with no issues and ate a quick breakfast at Starbucks. After that we were off to the gate, and soon enough we were boarding the plane.

Air Asia bussed us out to the plane, and we found our seats. We were pretty much jammed in like sardines but it didn’t stop either of us from sleeping. After landing in Yangon, we made it through immigration and to the taxi counter with no issues.

After a really drowsy taxi ride to the hotel, we checked in (and now are apparently married) and found our way to the room. We promptly fell asleep (9:30 am yesterday) and woke up today at 8am.

And thats it, an intense 4 hours followed by 20 of sleeping. And now, 12 of eating because I’m starving.

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