Living in a Foodie’s Paradise

Well today was a long day. Even though we didn’t do too much, I can honestly say that this is the most tired I’ve been in a long time. The first thing I noticed when we were driving in that the city was way more built up than either Katelyn or I had expected. It was crazy to see that there was a Ferrari dealership here. Upon driving in, I noticed that unless other SE Asian countries, they drive on the right here. BUT, most cars are Japanese imports and are set up to drive on the left. Just another contrast in this crazy country. This morning we woke up after our 22hr nap and ate an incredible buffet breakfast at the Best Western. We had originally planned on using the business centre there to book our travel tickets onward from Yangon. Well, that didn’t happen. We just ended up sleeping. After breakfast, we left the hotel for our hostel. That was an experience and a half in itself. We google mapped in and thought it would be relatively easy to get to. Thanks google maps. 2 hours and many kilometers of walking we ended up giving up and crashing at a cafe that had wifi. We noticed other tourists there and thought it prudent to go there and check if they had wifi. Thank god they did. Otherwise I guarantee you that we would still be walking around trying to find it now. On the plus side, we accidentally crashed the grand opening of the first KFC in the country because we thought it would have wifi. #sorrynotsorry Here comes the best park. We literally were walking around for 2 hours within steps of our hotel. Yay. We were walking by it and some locals saw our bags and pointed it out to us. Thank god. We checked in no problem, and then proceeded to book our onward travel ourselves. We thought we could do it through a travel agent, but found out that we could book all our flights online. So we did. All our flights and hotels for 2 weeks came to about $500 total… Can we stay here forever? This is insane. After a couple hours booking stuff, we figured we’d eat as we were getting hungry. We went down to the front dest and asked them where to get the best local food. The front desk told of us of this place about 1 block over. We got there and I was really sketched out as there was literally no one else in the restaurant. Also, there was no one else in the restaurant except for us. There was no menu at the restaurant (or if there was it was all in Burmese… not really super helpful). So we walked to the back and pointed at what we wanted and prayed to Buddha, Allah and pretty much all the gods that our food would be ok. We sat down, and our food was over in a few minutes, and they brought us a bowl of Vegetable soup. This was the best food I’ve had in a while. It was so flavourful and the meat was incredible tender. Katelyn had beef, and I had some sort of octopus dish (not that I knew what it was when I ordered it). We both had pop and were expecting to pay a pretty penny when we paid. All in all dinner cost us $9 US. Probably the best $9 I’ve ever spent. We explored the city after dinner, but mostly everything was closed. We tried to cut through a market which we had cut through earlier until some locals came screaming out at us and that put a stop to that. I’m still digesting dinner and exhausted as hell. Now, to explore Yagnon tomorrow!

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