No Caviar in Myanmar

Titus Andromedon would be quite upset by that. But, there are lots of midsized cars, which makes up for it.

(If you don’t understand the joke check this out….

We had another early morning today as we were flying from Bagan to Mandalay. We debated taking the bus as it was much cheaper, but we didn’t feel like it was worth it (the fact that it wasn’t the a direct bus was the major factor).

We got into Mandalay at 8:10 am (probably the shortest flight Ive ever been on) and were out of the airport by 8:30. Thank god that flight was so short because my knees were pretty much in my ears the entire time. Oh the joys of Southeast Asia. We decided to save some money and take a shared taxi as it was $20 cheaper than taking a private one. We waited an hour for it to fill up and during that time we planned our few days here.

It took us an hour before we got to the hotel – which has WiFi in the room (it’s the little things that make me happy). We checked in and met the wonderful general manager who told us lots about the city .

As soon as we got to the room we both pulled out our laptops and posted pictures to Facebook (because, duh). We rested for a bit then decided we would head to the Mandalay Royal Palace (a reconstruction of the palace of the last Burmese King ) and then downtown.

The palace itself wasn’t too entertaining. It felt very eerie at times as we were the only ones visiting! After getting inside, I hope that they put my $10 fee towards building some English signs. We saw lots of amazing teak buildings but have no idea what they were. As we were heading out we decided to climb the old guard tower. It was an ok climb until we got to the top – the steps were quite loose and scared me a few times!

On the way downtown we met some other backpackers who invited us to go on a tour of the surrounding area tomorrow – so lets hope that pans out! After answering a few of their questions and then saying our goodbyes we headed off to the post office. It was way more difficult to find than we were expecting. Mandalay is laid out on a grid – but our maps are not the best.

We bought some stamps and were quite hungry. We stopped at a café that had been recommended by Lonely Planet but it missed the mark big time. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. We headed off to the Zow Gyi market, which was a mind blowing experience. It was amazing to see so many locals there (they got a kick out of seeing 2 white people wandering aimlessly through it too) and the goods they were selling were not what we were expecting. We saw TONS of Western brands of makeup and cosmetic products. There were also loads of fabric stalls in pretty much every colour of the rainbow.

On the way back to the hotel, we noticed that there was ANOTHER pagoda quite close and we headed there to check it out. This one was by far the sketchiest as the entrance was between two shops and was a gravel path. We entered the grounds and took a few pictures. But, as soon as I got close to the Stupa a dog started barking at me. I walked back towards Katelyn only to notice that the dog had found some friends and started chasing after us. WE RAN OUT OF THERE (the most running I’ve done since home) and some locals stopped the dogs from getting after us. We immediately deked into a mini mart to grab some snacks and return our heart rates to normal.

After that much adventure we decided it was time to head back to the hotel and rest up for the night. Which is much needed after the day we had!

Alrighty, time to constantly check my phone for notifications.

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