Making Friends is Fun and Exciting

So, Katelyn and I finally met some wonderful backpackers and spent an excellent evening with them! Yay for making friends.

We got a little bit of a late start to the day (and missed breakfast..oops!) but decided to head out for a few of the sights around Mandalay today. After we were ready for the day we grabbed a cab and headed for the Golden Palace Monastery. The cab ride was a little suspect as the driver had TV on his GPS and was constantly checking it.  It was so neat to see such intricate carvings made out of wood, and preserved for so many years.

After that we decided to take in the Kuthodaw Pagoda – which some say is the world’s largest book. The pagoda features 723 separate slabs each engraved with separate parts of the story. It begs the question though – is it really a book? Like really. But oh well, it was really neat to see.

After that we had our courage up and decided to head up the Mandalay Hill. It wasn’t a true “hike” per se, as it was stairs the entire way. Lots of pagodas dotted our way to the top – but you can only see so many Buddha images in a day before you get a little tired of it. We didn’t even make it to the top as we got to a point which we thought was the top , but it turns out it wasn’t. Classic Burma. We honestly weren’t too broken up about it as the view from where we ended wasn’t that great.

After we regained our breath (and consciousness) we headed off for lunch at the Green Elephant. I had Aubergine Curry with shrimp as a main and fried Banana with Honey after. Both were absolutely incredible.

After lunch we headed off to meet our compadres at their hostel to head to U Bein bridge for sunset. The taxi that their hostel had suppposedly called was super late and by the time it got there, we were all super hungry and decided to go for dinner and drinks instead. An excellent idea if I do say so myself.

We were planning on heading to Mustache Brothers, but after reading some not so rave reviews we decided to find another bar instead. We tried asking some of the locals for help but to no avail. It seems our conclusion that the city shuts down quite early was correct as we had a super hard time finding another bar to go to.

We ended up randomly stumbling upon another bar where we idly chatted for the next few hours which was great. Katelyn (I know.. so confusing) headed back to the hotel a little early and the rest of us stayed for a bit then went out for noodles after. Honestly, Shan noodles are the best drunk food ever. Sorry poutine. You had your place in my heart for a long time.

After we were done eating, the city was pretty much dead and we decided to head back to our respective hotels/hostels. We had a hard time finding a cab and walked for a bit before a kind doctor stopped and told us he would drive us back. Thank god for him as I don’t know how we would have gotten back.

I’m still a tad tipsy so showering should be fun. Lets pray I don’t fall in the mess that is our shower.

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