Who knew there was a Nepali Restaurant in Myanmar?

Oof. Today was exhausting.

We got up, ate breakfast at the hotel and then were off to the bike rental shop! We scored bikes for $1 for the entire day and were soon off towards the hot springs.
After some navigational issues we were off on our way. It was a tough slug and we were both pretty exhausted by the time we got to the hot springs. We were both expecting the hot springs to be natural but they were 5 small hot tub like things. Not worth the 10$ to us.
Katelyn had read online that we could rent kayaks so that was our next mission. We stopped in a small town but no one knew what we were talking about so we bailed on that idea. We biked a little more and stumbled upon a nice resort. We stopped there as we figured that we could rent something there, or they would at least know where to go. The wonderful lady behind the desk told us she could arrange for us to get a canoe. We were both stoked and two of the hotel staff showed us the way to the jetty.
Our ride showed up and it turns out that our canoe was actually a small fishermans boat which we didn’t have to drive. We were both thankful for that as we were both quite knackered after the biking. Our driver took us around some floating gardens for about an hour. It was quite peaceful and serene – until we got stuck beside a longneck boat full of Spanish tourists. Their boat was a little too big for the canal and we got wedged beside them. But, all was good after.
We made it back to the dock no worse for wear and were back on our way to Nyaung Shwe.  After about an hour of biking we made it back into town and went to a Nepali place for lunch. I had Dahl baht and it reminded me so much of the amazing time I had in Nepal.
We dropped our bikes off napped for a bit and packed our bags. We went off to a late dinner and I had another banana pancake – which I really need to learn how to make.
Back to bed.

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