Angkor Wet

Well, it was a went one today. It alternated between absolutely pissing rain and being so humid that I was dripping with sweat (which is an achievement for me).

We got up this morning and went for breakfast along pub street. I had an espresso (a tad out of character, but so good) and some banana pancakes and soon we were off for the day! Our Tuk Tuk driver met us at our hostel and took us right to Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat is probably the coolest place I’ve ever been. While the history is astounding the thing that I find most incredulous is how the Khmer people were able to create such an structure with the tools we know they had. The carvings were also incredibly detailed and amazing to see. We were unable to head to the top of Angkor as it was “Buddha Day’ and thus were resigned to save it for tomorrow.

We were back on the Tuk Tuk and headed off to Angkor Thom. We went through the South Gate of Angkor thom, and I think I found my long lost brothers among the statues along the bridge. Our driver dropped us off at Bayon, and we set off to explore the compound! I found Bayon a little cooler than Angkor Wat as we were able to wander off and explore areas free of tourists. But, as soon as we got to the top we found them all.

I spotted a really cool picture spot and stopped to take a few pictures of Katelyn. I accidentally walked into another family’s photo and in the process of apologizing told them about the spot. Katelyn and I offered to take a family photo, and we found out that they were from London, ON! What’s even cooler is that one of them taught at Western. It really is a small world (especially when you’re a mustang).

After Bayon we went to Baphuon, and in the process it started to pour. My packable rain jacket was such a solid investment, especially for today. We got to Baphuon and explored it for a bit. We were able to climb to the second level and in the process had to take refuge from the rain, again.

After exploring the temple, we were forced to exit a different way than we came in and had to walk through the jungle. It was really neat to stumble upon some other temples in the jungle. These were hardly visited by tourists and were so neat to see contrasted with the rich green of the jungle.

We found our Tuk Tuk driver and headed off to eat lunch near Ta Phrom. Our tuk tuk driver took us to a restaurant he knew, and I had incredible Lok Lak (marinated beef with a fried egg and rice). It managed to POUR rain again, while we were eating and we were forced to change tables due to the fact that it was coming down sideways.

After lunch we headed back to the famous Ta Phrom. It was featured in a Lara Croft movie… but, don’t ask me which one because I don’t know. We explored, took the obligatory tourist photos at the Lara Croft door and then again were forced to take shelter from the rain. Just before it started to rain, I offered to take a picture for a small group of tourists. Turns out they were from Sweden and we had a lovely chat while waiting out the worst of the rain!

Katelyn and I were exhausted so we decided to head back into town to rest and grab some snacks. We found an awesome café and our waitress was an Expat aussie – a welcome change! They also had a rhubarb tart that was on par with my mom’s.  We got some postcards and then headed back to the hotel to rest and write our postcards.

We booked some flights for Lao and Vietnam tonight, as we are pressed for time for the rest of the trip! I would love to take the bus more often but we don’t have the time for multiple 24hr bus rides (also no gracias).

Ok, I’m off to contemplate buying wasabi Face wash. Yes, thats a thing. Yes, I will bring some back if you want.

NOTE: If you’re reading this and would like me to bring you back something. Send me a message and I will attempt to fit it into my bag (among the entire market I bought yesterday).

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