Splurging in Siem Reap

Well, today was a wonderful day. It cost me a little more than I was expecting but it was well worth it.

We got up a little later as we were going to hire bikes, but bailed on that as Katelyn wasn’t feeling so hot. We hired a Tuk Tuk to take us to Angkor Wat to climb to the top and then on the “Grand Circuit” as it is called here. Interestingly, this one was cheaper than the one yesterday but it was for longer distance. The things that make you go hmm.

Katelyn still wasn’t feeling 100% and I didn’t want her to feel worse so I climbed the Angkor Wat summit myself. All in all, it was so cool to be that close to the spires but I don’t think that the view was anything to write home about.

We were back in the Tuk Tuk and off to Preah Khan in no time. This one was very similar to Ta Prom. But, I liked it better as there was much more visitor information. It was also the only spot I’ve seen cylindrical support columns in the entire Angkor Archaeological Park.

We ate lunch, and I had Amok with Chicken. Basically Thai green curry but the Cambodian version. It was still wonderful, and much needed after the morning we had!

After lunch we headed to Neak Peah, or the Royal Baths. Well, we were told they were baths. It was just a spire in a green field, still pretty cool though. We then went to East Mabon, which we climbed. This one was similar in style to Angkor, although on a much smaller scale. After that we hit up Pre Rap, another temple similar to East Mabon and Angkor but this one was better preserved than East Mabon. It also featured a little more visiual interest in terms of ruins at the base (lots of little buildings that we couldn’t guess what they were).

We decided we wanted to hike up Phnom Bakeng (with all the chinese tour groups). The hike through the jungle was great, but the restoration efforts at the top kind of hampered the view. It was still pretty cool to see how big Angkor is from a distance!

After no time at all we were back in town for dinner (Lok Lak for me!) and cheap beer ($1 for 1L, yes please). We wanted ice cream after so found a neat spot called the Blue Pumpkin and I had 3 scoops – Cinnamon/Speculoos, Jackfruit and Khmer Fruits. All were quite great.

I was feeling a little tired but we stumbled upon a really nice spa near our hotel and I decided I needed a massage. While a bit of a splurge it was cheap compared to home and definitely worth it! My shoulders have been acting up because of my backpack so it was definitely needed!

After meeting the little Cambodian lady who would be my masseuse, she took me upstairs through the massive spa! She pointed to a couch and told me to sit down.. I was a little confused but complied. Out of nowhere a bowl filled with lemongrass, limes, water and mangoes appeared. She put my feet in then proceeded to massage and scrub them with salt (side note: any future mate/suitor will be required to do this once a week).

She then led me to the massage room, I got changed and we were off to the races. It got a little awkward as I didn’t take off my shorts (#protectingmycash) so she, without warning, proceeded to move my shorts halfway down my butt and start massaging. A little warning would have been nice but I’m over it.

90 minutes later I was done and feeling tired. Which is good as we’re getting up at 4am to watch the sunrise at Angkor tomorrow. Pray for us.

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